‚ÄčAt Lake Swan Outdoor School our motto is, “No student left inside.” We offer hands-on educational classes, fun recreational opportunities, plenty of chances to build unity among the students, and a great environment for teachers to get to know their students better. You can do all of this in a day trip, or to maximize your benefit, you can elect to have an overnight stay with the meals, instruction, and lodging provided for you by Lake Swan Camp. With over 22 classes to choose from, we will be able to personalize an experience that fits your students and curriculum.

Outdoor School Classes
Our classes are designed for students from elementary-high school

Classes range in length from 1 – 2 hours 

Animal Tag: (3rd grade and up)

Students get a chance to role-play as different animals. As these animals they play an interactive game of tag with each animal having different strengths and weaknesses. The object of the game is to survive short rounds while also obtaining food and water. Each of the students needs to be careful that a predator isn’t on their heels! Students will learn defense mechanisms, predator-prey relations, and the importance of natural predation for a healthy ecosystem.    


Ant Life: (All ages)

In this class students will learn many fascinating facts as they explore the most prominent insect species on campus.  They will observe ants in action, learn different species, and study the social structure of the ant. We will also explore why the Bible uses the ant as an illustration.    


Archery: (1st grade and up)

A certified archery instructor will teach students the history of archery, parts of the bow and arrows, the proper technique for shooting a bow, and range safety. Students will then be given a chance to try their hand at this ancient sport.    


Astronomy: (All ages)

This night class explores the heavens above and God’s glory evident in them. We will identify the constellations and other heavenly bodies found in the sky. Many intriguing facts are be shared with the students which always leads to group discussion.    


Basic Compass (101): (3rd grade and up)

Students are taught the parts of a compass, when a compass can be helpful, and how to use one. They will get a chance to practice their new skills in small groups on the camp’s Orienteering Course. (Extra adult chaperons are needed).    


Canoeing: (3rd grade and up)

Students will become familiar with the parts of a canoe, learn the basics of paddling, and canoe safety. They will then demonstrate the skills they have learned while canoeing around the perimeter of the lake.  


Creation Adventure Hike: (All ages)

This class teaches students to be observant to what God can reveal about Himself and His creation, if we just take time to look closer. After a presentation is given of the plant and animal specimens collected at Lake Swan Camp, students will hike through our 60 acre campus which allows them to observe many different habitats (lake, swamp, forest, grassland).  


Map, Compass, and Orienteering (102): (5th grade and up)

This class takes the knowledge gained in Basic Compass, and puts it to practical use. Students will navigate across the campus using only a map and compass to find their destination. (One adult needed for every five students on a team.)


Nature Crafts: (All ages)

This class uses natural and man-made materials to create various craft projects. Projects will vary depending on class size, age, and available materials. Specific projects can be requested.  


Nature Games: (All ages)

This class is a favorite and with its high energy it is a good choice for a first class. It provides an environment where students may exert themselves while learning at the same time. Participants will play a variety of games which focus on animals and different relationships in creation.  


Probing the Night Realm: (All ages)

Exploring the forest at night students will experience their sensory perception in a new way. This will enable students to develop a better understanding of the nocturnal animal world and see the forest in different ways. Students will be involved in group demonstrations and discussions on nocturnal conditions.   


Survival: Survival 101: (3rd grade and up)

In this class our survival instructor will give a crash course covering all the basics of survival. If your schedule does not permit your group to take the other 5 Survival classes, then Survival 101 is the perfect class for you. It will give you a good foundation of all the essential elements of survival.  


Survival: Hydration Tactics: (3rd grade and up)

Although we may be surrounded by water, drinking water from the wrong source may lead to sickness or dehydration. Students will learn different ways to obtain clean water in the wilderness. The class culminates with the students building a solar, survival still to purify water.  


Survival: Obtaining Food: (3rd grade and up)

In the event of a survival situation having food will make you much more comfortable and keep you strong. Participants will learn how to safely obtain food that is safe for them to eat. This class concludes with students collectively building a fish trap.    


Survival: Pyrology 101: (3rd grade and up)

Fire building is one of the oldest skills known to man. This class teaches students the properties of fire, various fire-starting methods, fire safety, as well as the role fire has played in history. Putting into practice what they have just learned the students will demonstrate their ability to build a fire with the use of only the materials that they gather, and a few number of matches.  


Survival: Shelter Building: (3rd grade and up)

Students will learn why building a shelter is the first thing you need to know in most survival situations. They will learn different types of shelters. Under the supervision of the instructor they will have hands on opportunity to build a lean-to shelter using only natural materials.  


Survival: S.O.S.: (3rd grade and up)

Even those with the most passion and training for survival situations strive to avoid needing to use their skills. This class teaches students ways to prevent needing rescue, but also teaches them the best ways to signal for help in the event that they find themselves in need of rescue.  


Team Building: (All ages)

This is one of our most popular classes. Activities are designed to present groups with unique and challenging scenarios in which students will need to use higher order thinking skills to complete the challenge. They will learn to trust, share, and encourage each other while thinking outside of the box. Win or lose, they learn a lot. Lessons are applied to practical Christian living and relationships.  Some schools choose to do multiple team building sessions during their stay.   



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